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Brad Heath

"I was very impressed with the work of Timur and his UI/UX team. Timur was always available for questions and changes. The work process was transparent and well-organized-- easily one of the best experiences I have had working on the Upwork platform. The final product exceeded my expectations, and his team members are consummate professionals, real masters of their trade. Thanks again for all the hard work. I will definitely use his UI/UX services for future jobs!"

Craig Davis, Founder and Owner

"Timur and his team are experts in all things e-commerce including UI/UX, Design, A/B Testing, Development/Programming, and I have nothing but good things to say about them. Extremely professional organization, and I am very happy to give them an excellent reference."

Steve Walsh, Owner

"Awesome, one of the best. Knows his stuff and really wants to get involved which is a breath of fresh air on a platform like this. Timur is full of good tips, keeps you updated as to how he's tracking and takes the time to explain everything. We will be hiring Timur again in the near future."

Dave Bell, Founder and Director

"Really excellent freelancer - I've hired lots on Upwork and Timur does stand out for his honesty and excellence in optimisation. Will certainly be hiring again soon"

Steven McConnell, Chief Marketing Officer

Timur is a secret marketing weapon. Part of me is reluctant to leave positive feedback because I want him to be available to work on my business. Of course, that would not be cool, so let me say this - if you're looking for a solid marketer, he is your man.

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